Monday, May 12, 2008


I poured up a Guerrilla Stout after dinner and I couldn't resist snapping a photo for the site.

Through darkness you'll find enlightenment.



Mark said...

Wow, that gorilla looks intensely delicious. I can almost catch a waft of it from here I think. I see a get together coming in our near future my friend, we need to catch up again! Also, are you going to the Savor beer and food festival in DC this weekend? I hope all is well, give Meg my best.

HolzBrew said...

Hey man,

I might be attending Savor this weekend, we have a baptism that we need to attend up in MD on Saturday.

As for getting together, I am still trying to organize some sort of Homebrew Fest sometime soon, but I suspect it might not happen until June. Tell all your friends.