Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tucker Carlson should be ...

I thought I'd go with a potentially risqué title for this blog post, but decided to exercise my better judgment. I hope Mr. Carlson is reading. Go Hokies!

I digress. Our trip down to North Carolina for the Holidays was a success. Define success, a fun trip filled with new great beer experiences. A new brewery in NC has been causing some stir on the Beeradvocate boards, Mother Earth Brewing based out of Kinston, NC. My sister-in-law knows me well enough to know that the perfect Xmas gift for me was a selection of fine craft brews. Included in the gifted beers was a four pack of the Mother Earth Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel Overhead (as an accountant this name really rings home). Needless to say I loved this brew. It reminds me a lot of Allagash's Curieux. Mother Earth also makes a really nice IPA called Sisters of the Moon (the name is a little too crunchy, don't you think?). If you find yourself in the Triangle Area for any reason, seek out a beer from this brewery, you won't be disappointed.

Happy Holidays,


Sunday, December 5, 2010

To be a Gentile during Chanukah

A few weeks ago I heard about a Holiday gift pack being released by He'Brew (or Schmaltz) Brewing. Every year He'Brew puts out a "Jewbelation" brew as their holiday ale and to commemorate the brewery's anniversary (I use the term brewery loosely, as I believe the beer is contract brewed). Last year was their thirteenth anniversary, so the beer was 13% ABV, and made from 13 different types of malt and 13 types of hops. They have used this same formula for all of the Jewbelations.

This year's gift pack is a very cool concept. It's a vertical collection of Jewbelation beers from the last 7 years and a Cuvee or blend of all seven years aged in rye whiskey barrels. The gift pack also includes a He'Brew glass, menorah candles, and a ninth empty bottle to be used as a shamash. The intent is for you to create a menorah with the used bottles. It's a fun concept to say the least (the included instructions are very tongue in cheek). The last Jewbelation I had was the "twelve" and it was fantastic (I reviewed it here). Needless to say I'm excited to crack into these beers in the coming weeks. I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Jewbelation 8, released in 2004 has held up over the years.