Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bottle Bombs Beware

I was perusing Beer Advocate yesterday and I noticed the following information was posted about some explosive beer bottles:

Man severely injured by Atwater beer bottle (Fox video)

See the following link for the actual story.

Apparently there have been issues with Atwater Brewery's bottled beer. Based upon some of the information that has been posted, its sounds like there may be a possible infection in their bottling system that has caused both off tastes in the beer itself and excessive pressure to build up in the bottles. Some of these bottles have exploded. I know Atwater is available here in the DC area and it might be prudent to wait on picking up some of their beers until they figure out what is going on with their brewing/bottling system. I believe they said they were going to conduct an investigation before pulling beer from the shelves.

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