Wednesday, March 18, 2009

OBX Brew

As we have been doing for the last five or six years, to celebrate the kick off of Summer Meg and I and an assortment of friends flock to the Carolina Coast for Memorial Day weekend, in search of sun (sometimes we find it), cold beer (we always find that), and relaxation (depends on how late you stay up). For at least the past 3 trips I have brewed and bottled a batch (sometimes 5 gallons and sometimes 10 gallons) of beer just for the occasion. The first two years I brewed something I dubbed a "Strawberry Blonde Ale." Last year I brewed a American Wheat Ale in the style of Bell's Oberon. Well its getting to that time of year and the house is booked and I need to start thinking about what I am going to brew this year.

The idea is to brew a beer on the lighter side, but that is still full of flavor to complement a warm sunny afternoon.

The options this year are as follows:


I've never brewed a Hefe before, but its essentially the quinessential summertime beer. Full of flavor, but light in body. In my opinion a hefe that is low on banana flavor is preferable.

American Pale Ale

I already make a pretty damn good American pale ale, that has already received one request (thank you Swanny).

American Wheat

Similar to last year, but probably somewhat hoppier.

California Common

Can you say Anchor Steam?

Strawberry Blonde

Been there done that, but people seem to like it.

If you are not sure on the style check out the BJCP guide for a definition.

I've added a poll on the right, please chime in. Even if your not coming on the 2009 OBX trip, which of these would you prefer for an early summer beach trip?

Life's a beach,


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Scott said...

Kolsch !!! Perfect warm weather beer.