Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010

Not exactly beer related, but I put together some footage from the blizzard today. I also arranged the instrumental track for the video.

I hope everyone stayed safe.



Anonymous said...

Is that song off the soundtrack of Friday Night Lights? Hope you guys are having fun with the snow... Tim

HolzBrew said...

It does kind of sound like something they would play on that show. I actually put the track together using mixcraft (its a recording software) and a variety of pre-recorded music loops.

Trying to stay warm here in DC.

HunterVT03 said...

I just love that you made Megan do all of the shoveling while you worked the camera. Very manly.


HolzBrew said...


A woman with a strong back is a great asset.

Natie said...

I am liking the video posts, it adds a whole new level of complexity to this blog.

My back is strong...