Sunday, August 15, 2010

The End of Summer 2010

Well folks it's over. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Summer 2010 is officially coming to an end. How can I make such a wild proclamation? First, experience is on my side, I've accurately announced the end of summer 2008 and 2009. Upon checking my records it looks like summer 2009 ended on August 7th at 11:05 pm. This year summer lasted a little longer. What's the deciding factor in determining the end of the summer? Temperature or the lack of summer thunderstorms? Clearly not the case here. Nope, it's the the release of Oktoberfest brews, officially flooding the shelves at your favorite local DC-area beer store.

I've had the opportunity to try the Weihenstephaner and (my long time favorite) Left Hand Oktoberfests and I haven't been disappointed. Nothing says football season is right around the corner than Oktoberfest. Thank God too. I can't take anymore baseball. Living in this corridor of baseball mediocrity (see generally, Orioles and Nationals win-loss records for the last 5 years) wears on you and causes you to become jaded towards the entire sport.

I'll attempt a decent run down of this year's 'fest beers after I've had a few more.

In the world of homebrew I whipped up a batch of Strong Stout 2 weeks ago in anticipation of football season. My inspiration was the XXXXX Stout by Pike Brewing out of Seattle. This is the first time I've used a pacific NW yeast strain, so I'm curious to see how it turns out. Also, I'm kicking around a recipe in my head for a strong Belgian dark ale. Hopefully, I'll have time next weekend to brew it up.



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