Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tucker Carlson should be ...

I thought I'd go with a potentially risqué title for this blog post, but decided to exercise my better judgment. I hope Mr. Carlson is reading. Go Hokies!

I digress. Our trip down to North Carolina for the Holidays was a success. Define success, a fun trip filled with new great beer experiences. A new brewery in NC has been causing some stir on the Beeradvocate boards, Mother Earth Brewing based out of Kinston, NC. My sister-in-law knows me well enough to know that the perfect Xmas gift for me was a selection of fine craft brews. Included in the gifted beers was a four pack of the Mother Earth Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel Overhead (as an accountant this name really rings home). Needless to say I loved this brew. It reminds me a lot of Allagash's Curieux. Mother Earth also makes a really nice IPA called Sisters of the Moon (the name is a little too crunchy, don't you think?). If you find yourself in the Triangle Area for any reason, seek out a beer from this brewery, you won't be disappointed.

Happy Holidays,


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