Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sierra Nevada East Coast Brewery

I saw this over the weekend and couldn't stop thinking about how much sense it makes. Sierra is potentially looking to open an East Coast brewery. Official comments from Sierra on the subject can be found here.

According to the comments from SN, their East Coast demand is quite strong and its costly and environmentally unfriendly to ship mass quantities of brew across the country. So why not open another brewery on the east coast?

Now, not to get too carried away with the rumor mill, but one of the suggested locations for the new brewery was Blacksburg, Va. I can't imagine a better place. Centrally located on the East Coast, and a fairly cheap area to operate a business. Additionally, you have a major research institution right next door. I'm sure they would have plenty of internship candidates willing to work for beer.

Dreaming of Hokie Heaven,



HunterVT03 said...

Something just happened that will require me to take my pants to the best drycleaners in the area.

What??? I spilled my drink. Get your mind out of the gutter.

If Sierra came to Blacksburg aka The Awesomest Place in the World then we would all be moving there in about a month.

HolzBrew said...

It's official, if sierra opens a brewery in blacksburg, the Holzman Clan of Virginia and the Sexton clan of North Carolina will move to said Blacksburg. And work and live in constant bliss. And we shall rename this blissful location Narnia.