Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The End of Summer 2012

Well its over folks, I hope you enjoyed it.  Summer 2012 is officially done.  As you all know the end of summer has been successfully identified by this blog going on five years strong.  This year you were robbed almost three weeks of the summer season in comparison to last year.  Blame it on the Obama administration, an election year, or global warming, regardless its just science.  Interestingly enough this is not the earliest end of summer in recent memory, Summer 2009 ended on August 7th, check the records.

For the unacquainted, the summer officially ends when I enjoy my first Oktoberfest.  Tonight around 7pm, I was informed by the waitress at Nick's Pub in downtown Bloomington that they now had Sam Adams Okfest on draft as a seasonal offering.  Mrs. HolzBrew and I promptly ordered two 'fests and toasted the beginning of fall.  Sam Okfest as always was solid, no surprises, but always refreshing.

With summer over, we can now roll into the best season of the year, Hokie Football season.  The leaves will be changing colors and the boys in maroon and orange are hard at work trying to figure out how we will get points on the board this year.  Personally, I'm a bit nervous about our offensive prospects, but there is always reliable 'ole St. Bud (Foster) to help pull us up by our bootstraps and put a whooping on opposing offenses.  You have to believe (and respect the Sandman)!

Let's Go Hokies,

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