Monday, January 12, 2009

HolzBrew - Black Beauty Stout

Poured up a tall glass of HolzBrew Black Beauty Stout when I got home this evening. I've had this on draft for probably close to 10 weeks now. Meg and I just buy too damn much beer to drink our own libations quickly. Sierra Nevada Stout served as the inspiration for this one. Mainly stuck to cascades for the hopping and I kept the ABV reasonable, about 5.2% ABV. The Keg is just about kicked. Which is good because I plan to have my HolzBrew Strong Ale on tap in a couple of weeks.

I brewed an imperial pilsner yesterday and placed it in the kegerator. Can't wait to see how its turns out. The OG was at 1.075, so it should be large and in charge. I don't brew a lot of lagers, hoping for the best on this one.


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