Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra has announced that two new beers will be added this year to their current year round offerings. If you love everything Sierra makes as much as I do, you'll be pumped to hear that the first of these new brews is going to be an IPA (actually they are calling it an Extra IPA b/c it is somewhere between an IPA and a double IPA). From what I hear this stuff should be hitting the shelves here in the NoVA around March. For now all we can do is drool over the above picture.


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shawn said...

I sit right here with a 5pack at my feet and a bottle of it on my desk. It reminds me of Firestone Union Jack but with more bitterness going on. A great everyday IPA, bitter, clean, medium body, great citrus aroma. A must try!