Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old Woodie

Managed to set aside some time Sunday afternoon to bottle and create labels for my newest brew, Old Woodie Ale. Deemed the "weird beer" by my father in law after I explained to him the concept I was going for. I kind of like it, "weird beer", it feels good.

Old Woodie should be ready to drink in about two weeks, so no review yet, but I can explain what went into it. I stuck relatively closely to the grain and hop bill for a big English Style IPA, I even used English Ale Yeast. Here is where things get weird, I decided in addition to the English Ale yeast I tossed in some wild yeast (Brett) and I also added 1.5 ounces of oak chips (I've used the cubes before, but never the chips, curious to see the flavor it imparts) and let the whole thing sit for close to six months. The ABV came out at 7.6%. So my beer is some sort of Old Ale-English IPA-Wild Ale Hybrid, consequently THE WEIRD BEER.

Stay weird,


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