Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running for Beer

Well, I managed to finish the Lawyers Have Heart 10K this morning. I'm pretty sure this is the 5th time I've run it. As always it was a fun event for a great cause and a great way to fend off some of those lbs that all this fantastic beer drinking tends to put on.

Yesterday I managed to pick up the two lovely brews pictured above. You'd think being Scandinavian that they would both be blond, right? The one on the right by Nogne O looks dark as night and I can't wait to try both. A review will surely follow.

My pre-race routine usually involves abstaining from beer for about three days prior to the race, so needless to say I tapped into some homebrew this afternoon. I've still had the two on tap for some time now, the imp pils and the Holz Bastard. I decided to pour up some bastard. This one has changed quite a bit since I first tapped it. The hoppiness has faded to mostly straight forward bitterness and the malts have blended together somewhat. I also notice a note of sourness, not altogether displeasing, but it might mean I've got a little bit of a sanitation issue. Although Meg swears the sourness has been there since the beginning, so maybe its all in my head. Regardless, its still a good beer. I should kick both of the kegs pretty soon and I've got nothing fermenting. I want to brew a rye pale ale soon, but I keep getting sidelined with budget constraints. Oh well, I'm sure I'll just go ahead and buy the ingredients soon. After that I'd love to brew some sort of fall harvest ale (or maybe an Oktoberfest). Thoughts?

Keep running for beer,


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