Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dubbel the fun

I managed to find some time this morning to brew a Trappist-style Dubbel.  Pictured above is the belgian candi rock sugar that the Trappist beers are well known for using.  As you might expect, I plan to do something a little different with this brew.  In a few weeks after the primary fermentation is complete, I intend to spike this holy brew with some wild yeast (and bacteria) and sour it.  That being said, I may bottle a few beers before pitching the wild bugs, because a nice clean belgian dubbel would be welcomed around the house.

Sour Dubbel

Style: Belgian Dubbel
Type: All GrainCalories: 197
Rating: 4.0Boil Size: 5.88 Gal
IBU's: 24.38Batch Size: 5.00 Gal
Color:   35.9 SRM  Boil Time: 90 minutes
Preboil OG: 1.056

Brew Date:-09/16/2012
ABV:5.76 %6.0 %
Efficiency:70 %70 %
Serve Date:11/04/2012/ /

Fermentation Steps
NameDays / TempEstimatedActual
Primary14 days @ 73.0°F09/16/201209/16/2012
Secondary21 days @ 72.0°F09/30/2012-
Bottle/Keg14 days @ 74.0°F10/21/2012-
Grains & Adjuncts
10.00 lbs81.63 %Pale Malt (2 Row) Bel60 mins1.037
0.50 lbs4.08 %Caramunich Malt60 mins1.033
0.25 lbs2.04 %Special B Malt60 mins1.030
1.50 lbs12.24 %Candi Sugar, Dark15 mins1.036
AmountIBU'sNameTimeAA %
1.00 ozs19.63Tradition60 mins6.00
1.00 ozs4.75Hallertauer Hersbrucker10 mins4.00
AmountNameLaboratory / ID
1.0 pkgBelgian AleWyeast Labs 1214
Mash Profile

Sacch' Rest60 min @ 154.0°F
 Add 16.12 qt ( 1.50 qt/lb ) water @ 168.7°F

Mashout10 min @ 170.0°F
 Heat to 170.0°F over 2 mins

 Sparge 14.98 qt of 170.0°F water over 60 mins

Dubbel your fun,

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