Saturday, May 9, 2009

45 bottles of beer on the wall

You asked for it and I brewed it. One batch of Hefeweizen brew for consumption while basking in the warm Carolina sun (can't come soon enough). I set aside some time this afternoon to bottle. This was a pretty straight forward hef recipe, as follows:


6 lbs. Wheat LME
1 lbs. Wheat DME


1oz. Sterling @ 60 mins
1oz. Cascades @ 20 mins


Bavarian Hefe IV Yeast

Special Ingredient

Add the zest from two lemons during secondary fermentation

OG: 1.047 FG: 1.12 ABV: 4.5%

There are two things that make this brew a little different than a typical Hef recipe. The first is the previously mentioned "special ingredient" lemon zest and the second is the addition of 1oz. of Cascades at the 20 minute mark. My goal for the cascades is to bring out some of citrus flavors you find in Hef's. Meg has an aversion to banana flavors in wheat beers, so I intended to feature the lemon - citrus side. Was I successful? We'll find out in about two weeks.

It's summer time in DC! Have a beer and enjoy it.


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Natie said...

can't wait to taste this special brew...