Friday, May 29, 2009

OBX 2009 HolzBrew was there

2 Cases of HolzBrew Hefeweizen made its way down to the OBX for the annual Memorial Day trip. All in all, I think it was pretty well received. If I may be critical for a moment I think next time I will skip zesting the lemons and throwing that in during secondary, I think it lent too much of a lemon taste, mixed with the spritzy carbonation it almost took on a Sprite-like flavor.

While we were down in the OBX I managed to taste a local beer, Black Lager by Weeping Radish. I suppose you would probably categorize it as a schwarzbier. It was OK, I was already a couple beers deep and enjoying my dinner, so I didn't really take any tasting notes. I remember somewhat of a cidery characteristic that was somewhat displeasing, but all in all it was an OK offering.

The trip itself was fantastic, plenty of cold beer, games out on the beach, and sun. Big thanks to everyone who came down this year. It was a great group of people, all just trying to relax for a couple days.

Oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS TO DON AND KELLY on the engagement!!! Another OBX miracle.

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